Community Support Training Solutions is a division of the Ottawa Rotary Home (ORH). ORH has been identified as a leader in the field of supports and services for individuals with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, and complex medical needs as well as training for controlled acts in the Developmental Services sector.


  • Offer quality training courses & support to Developmental Services Agencies across Ontario.
  • Make training affordable minimizing the financial impact and creating sustainable solutions.
  • Increase capacity of agencies to accept and care for individuals with complex medical needs.
  • Standardize training across the sector and raise the bar on high quality care for individuals with disabilities.


Developmental Service agencies across Ontario have a common goal: to support individuals who wish to live and thrive within their communities. The challenge we now face is adjusting our support models to provide for individuals who are requiring complex health interventions as they progress in age. Over the past 10 years, we have seen a drastic increase in the number of medical procedures being performed by support staff that would traditionally be provided by a regulated health care professional. Most agencies do not have nursing staff, and Community Care Access Centre's do not have the capacity to offer ongoing training and monitoring.

The Quality Assurance Measures (QAM) requires agencies to examine how they train staff to perform these procedures and to comply with provincial legislation surrounding controlled acts. Compliance means obtaining consultations and providing training for controlled acts by health care professionals, in particular, nurses. This can be a very costly venture that would cause many agencies financial strain. We have spent many years developing an effective training program for unregulated staff. Our program has evolved over time so it can be applied to different environments and serve as a sustainable solution for the majority of agencies.

Our vision is that each individual be allowed to age in their home while having access to quality health care supports and services. We aim to promote and safeguard the health and well-being of individuals, and support agencies in addressing legislative requirements and liability issues. We see a training solution that can be applied province-wide. Standardized training will allow skills and knowledge to be transferred from agency to agency, thus reducing the overall financial impact. More importantly, it furthers the professional development of the Developmental Services sector.