Introducing the CSTS Compliance Package - the ultimate solution to all your staff training and compliance needs! With this package, you can have access to a comprehensive learning management system that offers a range of universal modules, including abuse prevention and awareness, quality assurance measures, restraints and PASD training, and infection prevention and control for non-clinical staff. If required, these courses can also be tailored to match the specific requirements of your agency. But that's not all - our compliance package also comes with an additional course catalog that includes courses on professional documentation guidelines, critical thinking, and more, exclusively for agencies using our package. You can now take care of all your staff training requirements in one place!

With the CSTS Compliance Package, you have the flexibility to upload all your agency policies and procedures into the same learning management system. You can choose to keep them in a simple PDF format for easy review, or we can customize them and put them into an aesthetically pleasing format for your learners. We can also integrate any of your current courses that are in SCORM or PowerPoint format into the learning management system.

Our compliance package also ensures that your agency stays up-to-date with mandatory courses and policy reviews. The system automatically enrolls your staff in any mandatory courses annually and reminds them to review policies 90 days before expiry, so you can rest assured that your agency is always compliant. This will save your managers countless hours of work!

In summary, the CSTS Compliance Package is the complete solution for all your staff training and compliance needs. It is a one-stop-shop for all your training requirements, allowing you to access all the necessary modules in one place. So, if you want to simplify your staff training process and ensure that your agency stays compliant, get the CSTS Compliance Package today!