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Administering Medications by Inhalation - RE-CERTIFICATION

Administering Medications by Inhalation - RE-CERTIFICATION

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Theory courses are available only to agencies that participate in our program. See our enrollment fees.

This is a RE-CERTIFICATION course.  A student must have previously completed the main Administering Medications by Inhalation course.

The administration of a substance by inhalation requires skill and competence on the part of the unregulated care provider, as well as compliance with the RHPA and QAM.  This course will teach you the fundamental theory behind introducing a medication into the lungs and the skills needed for administration.

Upon completion, the student will receive a completion certificate for the theory component of Administering Medications by Inhalation. Students will then be eligible to enrol for the optional practical lab course on Inhalation Therapy.

PREREQUISITES: Administering Medications by Inhalation - Full Course & Introduction to Controlled Acts in Developmental Services

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