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Introduction to Controlled Acts in Developmental Services

Introduction to Controlled Acts in Developmental Services

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Let us demystify the world of controlled acts in developmental services!  We will explore agency and staff responsibilities and the regulations set out by the Regulated Health Professions Act, College of Nurses and requirements of Ontario Regulation 299/10, Quality Assurance Measures.

This course will cover the fundamentals: what a controlled act is, who can perform them, and what are the Ministry of Community & Social Services requirements for compliance.  We will explore examples of controlled acts being performed in group homes and situations where a controlled act can be considered an act of daily living.  We will also examine what does it really mean when we are performing acts of daily living and what is required for teaching acts to unregulated care providers.

Topics include:

  • What is a controlled act and are we performing controlled acts in our agency?
  • What is the RHPA really saying and what are the standards set out by the College of Nurses of Ontario?
  • What must be put in place for an agency to be compliant with QAM? 
  • What are compliance officers looking for?
  • Is an act of daily living still a controlled act?  How are the requirements different?
  • The key differences between delegating and teaching.
  • When is it appropriate to teach a controlled act to an unregulated care provider?
  • Agency and staff responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Determining the competency of staff.
  • Ongoing supervision and monitoring programs.
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