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Feeding Tubes & Gastrostomy Management - RECERTIFICATION

Feeding Tubes & Gastrostomy Management - RECERTIFICATION

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Theory courses are available only to agencies that participate in our program. See our enrollment fees.

This is a RE-CERTIFICATION course.  A student must have previously completed the main Feeding Tubes & Gastrostomy Management course.

Management of a feeding tube and the care of a gastrostomy (stoma) requires skill and competence on the part of the unregulated care provider.  This course will teach you the fundamental theory behind enteral nutrition (feeding by a tube) and the skills required to care for an individual who has a feeding tube.

Upon completion, the student will receive a completion certificate for the theory component of Feeding Tubes & Gastrostomy Management. Students will then be eligible to enrol for the optional practical lab course on Inhalation Therapy.

PREREQUISITES: Feeding Tubes & Gastrostomy Management - Full Course & Introduction to Controlled Acts in Developmental Services

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