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Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment

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Needs Assessment, Policy Implementation, Monitoring Program Set-Up, Templates, Manuals and more.

This fee covers the implementation of organizational policies, procedures and a monitoring program in order to utilize our online training.  It also includes the training of all monitoring staff and 5 hours of consultation for any complicated care cases you may have.

A nurse will work with your agency to determine if the controlled acts being performed in your agency can be considered Acts of Daily Living and what training is required.  Our team will guide you in the set up of your monitoring program and provide you with the necessary tools in determining the competency and appropriateness of staff performing controlled acts.  This process not only safeguards the health and well-being of the individuals you support, but is a best practice requirement in meeting standards set by the RHPA, QAM and the College of Nurses of Ontario practice standards.

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